Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Been a long time

1 year and 2 months,
or  28 fortnights if your into that kind of stuff.
That is how long it has been since I've last posted on this blog. 

I'm not too sure why I stopped posting. To be fair, it has been a pretty long and strenuous school year. But I'm sure most of you care not for it. In this new year I want to start this back up again. but with a little twist...

As much as I enjoy building guitar pedals, and will continue to do so, my focus has shifted onto another realm of audio...recording. In the time since I've last posted, I obtained the materials needed for a nice little analog home studio. I've translated some of the stuff I've learned from building guitar pedals to this other side of audio electronics. I still want to keep this blog alive but I think the name might not be fitting for the new stuff I want to post.

I really just wanted to give the frequent viewers of the site a little update. I'll be definitely posting some very exciting stuff, very soon. Stay tuned!

Analog on,