Monday, 2 December 2013

ZVex Box of ROCK pot soldering

I got around to soldering the pots onto the board. In some other posts  used this really cool technique where I use cardboard as a base and attach the pots to there. This allows me to get in every little crevasse of the soldering process and make a nice and tight wiring job. Here are some pictures!

So here you can really see how I was able to get all the wires attached to the pots with minimal slack

This black wire running from the gain pot attaches to the volume pot...
...There is no slack, very tight and fitted in the space

Before you try this cardboard method I suggest you drill the holes for the enclosure to get all the spacing correct. Because I was really anxious to start soldering I just drilled the pot holes.
For this project I want to venture into enclosure finishes!
I chose this really cool spray paint that gives a hammer tone finish. I think this just looks so cool on a pedal. I'll have to finish drilling all the holes before I can get started painting. I'll post my process of painting in. It should be very interesting and a great learning experience!
I hopefully can get some work done this weekend. I'd at least try and get the base coat of this paint going.

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