Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Get those parts

Once you have finished planning your project go ahead and order the parts you need. Before I ordered my parts I double and even triple checked because it costs a lot to ship to Canada from USA.  Anyway, I ordered through Mammoth electronics(http://www.mammothelectronics.com) and they are a very audio project supplier. They have all the common IC chips, diodes, switches... that you need to build a guitar pedal. I have taken some pictures of some components like the diodes that I will be using(1N4001 and 1N34A). You probably noticed that I bought an enclosure bigger than you will ever need but this pedal is going to have the works, led, true bypass, dc input jack, so I'll have enough room for everything. I do recommend that you do get a bigger enclosure, if this is your first project, it just makes it easier to fit all things in. Also it's one less thing to worry about.

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