Monday, 25 February 2013

The beginning

This is the first post of a kinda unique blog. I am a beginner in guitar pedal diy. While I was browsing the internet I really didn't find a true novice showing other beginners how to make a project from start to finish. My first real project, that I will be taking pictures and explaining and all that jazz, will be a Wampler modded Distortion plus. Pretty much a beefed up MXR Distortion plus that is modified to be more interactive. I found this amazing site ( that has vero board layouts and very in depth explanations, very helpful, check it out. So the link above is the layout I will follow. This will be a interesting experience because I am also learning all the tips and tricks myself. Hopefully I'll be able to guide people, in my similar level of experience, through a full start to finish project.  

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