Saturday, 22 June 2013

EP Booster soldering

First post of SUMMER VACATION!!!!!
I've been waiting for these glorious 2 months for a long time now. And now they are finally here! Let's just jump right into it.

I've already made a lot of posts about soldering the components on the vero board. If you want a full in depth description check out some of my earlier post of my first pedal.

So here it is, the EP Booster! The EP Booster is based on the preamp circuit of the old EchoPlex tape machine. A lot of Legends: Jimmy Page, Eddie Van Hallen, Eric Johnson; use the echoplex as a preamp. So Xotic effects based this booster pedal on this preamp. It also gives a volume boost
Some things you might notice is that all of the electrolytic caps are all bend down. This needs to be done if you want you fit it in a smaller enclosure

I say this with every build but my soldering skills have increased so much. Everything is a little cleaner, neater, and more reliable.
This cap was especially bent. The problem with this is that I have to make sure that nothing is touching the leads.
The enclosures thickness is pretty thin so the caps being bent the way they are gives so much more room for the pot and offboard wiring
In therms of the width of the board, it has a fair amount of room for the other wires. For the offboard wiring, I'm going to try and make it as neat and clean looking as possible!
For the knob i'll be using a chicken head knob! For 1 it looks cool, and the original EchoPlex had these kind of knobs, so I thought I would keep it to period. As for the switch, it's an DPDT on/off/on. This will switch between a bright / warm feel


  1. nice work. I bet it sounds great. they charge $125 for this and its only $2 worth of parts to make it

    1. One of the main reasons most people DIY, to save loads of cash