Sunday, 28 July 2013

Modded Red Llama build report

I've had some time to fiddle around with this beast of a pedal and it is just amazing! In some of my other posts I built a Red Llama for myself and it sounded great, but I don't know why but I this this one just sounds better. I can't put my finger on it. I was jamming with my dad today and I used the pedal. I had the controls at noon running into a clean amp. We were playing Good Times Bad Times and it sounded killer! The bass response was great, very chunky in a good way, and the higher strings were nice and clear. What I love about this pedal is that it's a mix between a fuzz and an overdrive. Because of this magical combo it sounds similar to a tube amp breaking up into fuzzy goodness. The high gain switch is also a great addition. In the down position it's a stock red llama, yet in the up position it unleashes monstrous growl! I can't forget about the volume control. It has so much output that it can punish the front end of your amp, but you can easily get unity gain. Personally I find that all gain pedals sound best when it is above unity gain. So enough of my blabbing, here are some beauty shots of this great looking pedal!

A clean looking inside
I love using these letter stamps on the back plate, I've got the name of the pedal, who it's for, who made it, and the date of completion
I guess I hammered the stamps a little too hard. There are some negative imprints on the back, but I think it looks pretty cool
These rubber feet are great, it keeps the pedal from slipping
The Marshall knobs just look incredible, in my honest opinion

To the left is my original red llama. As I said before, I don't know why but I think the Llama to the right just has a little something extra.
In this build I pretty much triple checked everything but I had the most fun doing it. If you want to read the build report for my other Red Llama, click here. I hope you enjoy these pictures!

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