Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Drilling the Llama

A little bit of a crude title but this post is about drilling the enclosure of the Red Llama. So there is nothing that special about this part. I just jump into it.

I like to mark the points to drill with masking tape. I do use calculations to find the exact centre of length for nice professional look.
These are the marks for the 3PDT stomp switch and LED. This time I drill the LED to the right side so it's easier to bend the LED leads to the stomp switch
 I like to start with a small drill bit and work my way up to a larger one
 This technique get's nice and neat cuts
 When I put the stomp switch in, I realized that it's too deep in the enclosure and it will actually touch the back plate
 Simple solution: take off the nut at the bottom, like in this picture below
 And now it has the right profile
 As I said, I can simply just bend the LED lead to reach the switch
 Good spacing
 Then the input and output jacks
 With this part, you really want to make sure that the jack is not touching the enclosure in any way (except for the part that needs to be connected)
 I double check if anything was touching the enclosure with my handy continuity tester
 I can't even tell you how useful this little thing is... i've used it a lot on this project
 For the glorious Red Llama, I got some fancy looking red knobs and red LED
 Then the pots and dc power jack need to be drilled next. I like to make a cross so I can get pretty precise with the drill bit
 When ordering the smaller enclosure, I was woried that I wouldn't have enough room...
 ...but is look like there is a lot of room considering the board only takes about half of the space
At the end of the day, I think this thing looks pretty good
I can't handle those red knobs

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