Thursday, 11 April 2013

Putting the guts into the Llama

The last step to this project is putting the board into the enclosure. For this build I bought a 1590b enclosure which is the second smallest you can get, it's the size of a phase 90 box. Anyway, it was a little tricky to place all the wires in the right spots, but I picked up a few simple methods. I will be using this wiring method (

Luckily I was able to just bend the LED lead onto the switch
 Last time I soldered a resistor to the cathode and let it free float. but this time I wanted something a little more sturdy so I soldered it to a strip board
 That LED board work out really well
 So there are the grounds that are all connected
 I did do the twisty wire thing cause it looks cool
 I left the battery adapter unsoldered cause some wires that need to be connected to the ground and 9v
 It's a funny story, I showed my other pedal to my grandfather, who was an electrician, and when I showed him my best work and he was slightly unimpressed with the sloppy wires. So this time I wanted to prove to him that I can do better. This time around I got out the needle nose pliers and bent everything in right angle. I really did the best I can on this one.
 The battery adapter all soldered up
 This part is the most sloppy of all of them
 Soldering underneath the board to the pot lugs was the most difficult part. Take your time on this part
 I am still shocked at the amount of space that is in the enclosure
 The knobs make pedal...they really do
I'll be coming up with the build report very soon when I've had some time to play with it

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