Monday, 8 April 2013

Soldering the Llama

So I finally had a nice time ordering parts. I didn't have any extra fees and they just left the package on my door step so I didn't have to drive all the way to UPS shop in the middle of no where. Now that i'm in a good mood I can get started on the soldering process. So this time around I got a nice soldering iron that works beautifully. This step is pretty strait forwards, I like to do a couple practice soldering on an other piece of strip board so I can get warmed up for the real thing.

First up are resistors because they are the flattest/low profile and they don't get in the way of bigger components 

 This build has a 16 pin IC chip. I do use sockets for the convenience of just being able to plop in an IC
It was a little tricky soldering in all 16 just because they are in between other solder joints but I got the job done
Next are the capacitors. I bought a couple weird looking caps like the really small ones down here and a tanatalum polarized cap. I bought them cause I thought it would be kinda cool to upgrade the quality a little 
 These caps were a pain it fit in the holes. I had to do some crazy bends on the leads to make them fit
I had to bend the tall electrolytic to the side so it keeps a low profile

 And with everything in their place, the board is complete

 My soldering did get better with practice and they're looking pretty good to me

 Of all the times I soldered, I picked up new techniques and trick to get the job done right. I can't tell you how to solder, but I can tell you that you will make up your own tricks as you solder. I just really hope I didn't mess anything up. If you want a more in depth look at this step, check out my other post about soldering

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