Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Continuity tester

I don't really know if this counts as an blog post but I recently made a continuity tester to check if signal is passing through a specific point. The electronics in this really small enclosure were very simple. I just had to hook up a batterie to an LED then have a voltage reducing resistor, pretty simple. So when the LED turns on that means signal is passing through. There are two probes that are the connecting wires, they are alligator clips but I just need to bend some component leads and I have a working continuity tester. One thing odd about this build is that I put a SPST switch inside (not even needed because the two probes is basically an on/off switch). This will really help me throughout the building of pedals because I can check if I have burned anything of mist a spot on drilling the stripboard (especially during this step), just a helpful little thing.

Pretty small enlcosure, even so to have a batterie in it
Pretty small space to work in but I got it done

I drilled the holes necessary for the LED and switch
I used sand paper to give the enclosure a cool finish
 Pretty cool I think
So the wires are coming out of a small hole and I hot glued around the hole to prevent strain on the wire

I didn't really take anymore pics of the thing but it looked good and it does the job I want to do so it was a complete success!!!

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