Sunday, 3 March 2013

The final step!!!

This is probably the most challenging part of this whole project, well at least for me. The final step is to connect the wires that are attached to the board to the offboard components like pots and switches. I might have exaggerated on this being the hardest part, but it did take a while. For the start of this step I just jumped right into it.

I used my helping hand to hold the board while I solder the first wires
 I'm not to happy about this soldering job
 I would suggest having the wires cut the right length so you can have the neatly bent

 Another soldering job done wrong. I had soldered the wrong wire by mistake, I was in the moment. Anyway, I had to re heat the lug multiple times and this looks messy now. To avoid this, make sure you double check the correct wire placement so you only need to solder once.

 So thats the last wire soldered to the stomp switch

This is the last of the connections, all done. Sorry I didn't take pics along the way, as I said before I got caught up in the moment

 I know, it looks a little messy, but this layout demanded a lot of wires, good thing I got the big enclosure

This was a hell of a first project. I had fun throughout the whole thing

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