Saturday, 2 March 2013

Drilling the enclosure

So I got all the components soldered onto the board. The next step for this project is to drill the enclosure.
What I did is put masking tape and measured all the points I want to drill. Proper drilling technique is stating with a small drill bit and work your way up to the right size. You can judge the right size by placing the nut over the drill bit.
 The holes on the top row may look a little offset from the second row, but it works out with the knobs and switches

After I finished drilling, I checked if the components fit.

I really went all out with LED, true bypass, DC jack, batterie snap and I through an LED bezel just for nice looks

When planing the measurements, keep in mind that nothing should be touching, especially the jacks and the pots.
Well thats about all anyone would ever need to know about drilling. Some DIY pedal builders like to paint their enclosures. If you want to have a coloured enclosure, I would suggest you paint it first and drill after.

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